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Lodging in Val St-Côme – Lanaudière

The Inn welcomes you with cozy rooms, a massage center, delicious local gourmet food and is Nordic baths, available all year round. Located directly in the tourist resort of Val St-Côme in Lanaudière, only 90 minutes from Montreal, our Inn offers an experience where privacy and nature meet and await you!

For lovers of meat and seafood, the new cuisine concept of cooking on volcanic stones will amaze you. Enjoy the beneficial effects of our specially selected treatments and massages or relax in our Nordic baths and dry sauna. Our Inn is design to provide a relaxing stay!

Treat yourself to a romantic weekend at the Auberge Aux Quatre Matins.

Popular packages

Add a little extra to your accommodation and create a tailor-made stay by choosing from our packages combining culinary and relaxation experiences.

Just us two package

Escape and please your loved one with our romantic packages!

Gateway package

Escape and please your loved one with our romantic packages!

Relaxing break pakcage

Does everyday life weigh heavy on your shoulders? What better than our “RELAXATION” packages, which let you be pampered by our therapists.


All our rooms and suites invite you to slip under the comforter in peace and quiet, in a comfortable and intimate setting.

Therapy center

Let yourself be pampered by our specialized therapists, dedicated to your well-being, by choosing from our personalized relaxation treatments, which will delight all your senses.

The gastronomy

The terroir occupies a prominent place in our specialized volcanic stone cooking concept, which will transport your taste buds through a rich array of flavors.


Activities near the Auberge aux Quatre Matins

Located in the forest in the heart of the Val Saint-Côme tourist site, in Québec’s Lanaudière region, Auberge Aux Quatre Matins offers you the possibility to be part of a variety of activities throughout the year.

Summer activities
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Sea kayaking
  • Zip-lining – Arbraska
  • Golf
  • National trail – hiking
  • ATV (all-terrain vehicule) rental
National park
  • Mont-Tremblant national park (SÉPAQ) — Assomption region
Winter activities
  • Downhill skiing — Direct access to slopes via trail (ski-in/ski-out)
  • Cross-country skiing — 11 kilometre trail
  • Snowshoeing — 30 kilometre trail
  • Snowmobiling
  • Dogsledding
  • Tubing
  • Ice Sculptures Festival — Saint-Côme en Glace
Regional parks
  • Chute-à-Bull regional park — Saint-Côme
  • Forêt Ouareau regional park — Door C
  • Chutes-Dorwin park — Rawdon
  • Sept-Chutes regional park — Saint-Zénon
  • Chutes Monte-à-Peine-et-des-Dalles regional park — Sainte-Mélanie
  • ZEC Lavigne — Saint-Côme
Visit the Lanaudière region

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