Make sure you rehydrate you at all times. You must be between 2 and 4 hours to enjoy complete relaxation.

Step 1: Warming of the body

Use our real Finnish sauna to warm your body for a period of 10 to 15 minutes. This step stimulates blood circulation, clears the respiratory tract, eliminates toxins and releases muscular tension

Step 2: The Cold

Once your body is fully warmed, the second step is to cool down quickly by immersing yourself into our Nordic bath for a few seconds, or during the winter season, directly into the snow. This step may seem shocking to some, but it is not, as long as the body has been properly warmed beforehand. In addition, cooling is essential to close the skin’s pores and to eliminate toxins. The contrast of temperatures stimulates circulation and oxygenates the entire body.

Step 3: Relax

Essential for the body to recover from the contrasting temperature fluctuations, the third step is to relax in a quiet and serene environment allowing you to completely unwind and enjoy the moment. This relaxation phase should be for the same amount of time that was spent in the sauna. Use the air of relaxation with outdoor fireplace or our hot pools.

For maximum relaxation, repeat these steps three or four times. The feeling that follows is invigorating.

Step 4: Relaxation

For those who wish to extend the experience, the Auberge Aux Quatre Matins offers a complete service massage and body treatments offered by professional therapists members of recognized associations.

The Nordic baths Well-ness

In addition to providing a great sense of well-being and relaxation, the practice of this activity allows the elimination of toxins, relaxes muscles, improves sleep quality, stimulates the immune system and provides better oxygenation of the body. In short, this activity can be purified, both physically and psychologically.Il est préférable de compter entre 2 et 4 heures pour bénéficier pleinement d’une détente complète. Assurez-vous de bien vous réhydrater en tout temps.

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